OpenBSD on PinePhone Pro: First Impression

August 15, 2023
PinePhone, OpenBSD, BSD

Disclaimer # OpenBSD does not support PinePhone Pro yet and there are real risks involved in running it on your PinePhone Pro now, as such, I do not recommand anyone to do that. You might fry your device due to unsupported power management IC and in a worse case the battery might catch fire due to unconfigured/untested charging safety features. The purpose of this post is to document how to install OpenBSD on arm64 platforms not fully supported by OpenBSD, and much of this post is not PinePhone-specific, if you intend to follow what documented here, please be mindful about the risks and apply common sense. ...

Virtualization with KVM on the PinePhone Pro

June 23, 2023
PinePhone, Mobian, OpenBSD, KVM, BSD, Linux

Basic Setup # All the tools we need for running VM are already packaged on Mobian, to install them, run: sudo apt install virt-manager then add your user to the libvirt group: sudo adduser mobian libvirt Reboot and then run virt-host-validate, it should indicate /dev/kvm exists and is accessible. Trouble with Heterogeneous Architecture # Trying to start qemu-system-aarch64 with -enable-kvm flag can yield the following, rather unhelpfully worded error: ...