A week with Mobian on PinePhone Pro

June 15, 2023
PinePhone, Mobian, Plasma, Linux

It’s been a bit more than a week since I start daily driving the PinePhone Pro with Mobian, some parts of my journey are documented here. IME and Keyboard # Both Phosh and Plasma provide their own work flow for setting up IME and adding extra language support, but so far I’m unable to get Phosh’s ibus-based input system to work with PinYin when using on-screen keyboard. I’m able to install PinYin and Anthy from Phosh’s software center, but those methods only work when used with external keyboard, switching to either of those from on-screen keyboard makes no difference when typing. ...

Mobian and Plasma Mobile on the PinePhone Pro

June 6, 2023
PinePhone, Mobian, Plasma, Linux

Setup Tow-boot # Mobian as of now requires Tow-boot bootloader to be installed first, u-boot is no longer supported. To install Tow-boot, see this document, I find it easier to plug in a usb cable to start the phone while holding down the RE button. Be mindful that there will be no graphical boot menu after installation, at the moment tow-boot menu is only available via serial connection. It’s also possible you can skip this step, according to the PinePhone Pro wiki: ...