Everything Open 2024 Quick Notes :: Day 2 and 3

April 20, 2024
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I didn’t take as much notes on day 2 and 3, so I merged them into a single article. Wednesday, 17 Apr 2024 # Keynote: How Adversaries Use AI # Adversaries: Nation States Ecrime Hactivism Not always clearly separated LLM can help eliminate common language mistakes, perform better social enginerring Many adversaries are trying to integrate LLMs into their workflow, with varying results Time frame from initial foothold to lateral movements is getting shorter, due to better toolings? ...

Everything Open 2024 Quick Notes :: Day 1

April 16, 2024
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sched_ext - Write your own Linux thread scheduler in BPF # BPF made creating new scheduler simpler with strong safety guarantee to not break the system, the side effects of bad scheduler are confined. run a binary to enable your scheduler, stop the binary to revert to default Scheduling problem is now more complicated due to increasing complexity of workload/CPU design BPF provides reliable access to critical data structures inside the kernel ...

Things I read this month

May 18, 2023
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RetroBSD: a port of 2.11BSD Unix intended for embedded systems with fixed memory mapping. https://github.com/RetroBSD/retrobsd/wiki This might be a good base to build on. DarkRiscV: a BSD-licensed RISC-V cpu core implemented in Verilog https://github.com/darklife/darkriscv It implements most of the RISC-V RV32E and RV32I instruction set (missing csr*, e* and fence*) and works fine on many low cost FPGA system.